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Welcome to ApexSec Online . You can use this online instance of ApexSec to analyse the security of your APEX applications. Simply upload your APEX application export, and ApexSec will perform an automated security assessment.

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The free version of ApexSec Desktop can open ApexSec project files that are created by ApexSec Online. The rich desktop application provides detailed information about the root cause of the reported security vulnerabilities, and seamlessly links to the APEX application builder to allow issue to be rectified quickly. Please follow the simple steps opposite to download your project file and open it within ApexSec Desktop .

A licensed version of ApexSec Desktop can perform the security analysis locally and includes analysis of the database schema and your custom packages. The ApexSec analysis engine is embedded within the licensed ApexSec Desktop product, so all code can be security checked completely within your development environment. For pricing details or to arrange a quote, please contact us.

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Launch the ApexSec jar from the command-line using: java -jar apexsec-free-win64.jar (for the Windows x64 version).

See the Running ApexSec section of our online usage guides.

You can also launch ApexSec using JNLP: javaws -verbose

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More information about ApexSec can be found in our online user-guides.

If you require more credits for use with ApexSec Online please contact us on and we'll be happy to help.

You can also redeem an ApexSec Online voucher to add free credits to your account. We often give out credit voucher codes on Twitter, LinkedIn and at conferences. Please contact us to find out about current offers.

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For help using ApexSec Online please have a look through our User Guides, and detailed information about APEX security can be found in our Hands-On Oracle APEX Security eBook.

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The full report giving details of the security vulnerabilities within your application can be purchased using your account credits.

You will also receive access to the ApexSec project file that can loaded into the free version of the ApexSec Desktop.

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The report and project file for the ApexSec security assessment of your application can be accessed via the following links:

The HTML Report can be opened within the portal or saved to disk, using the two links above. The ApexSec Project can be opened with the free version of ApexSec Desktop.

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If you just want to get a feel for how ApexSec Online works then please save a copy of the export for our sample vulnerable application (the BigBadBlog), upload it, and explore the security analysis.

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